Nonprofit Workshops  

Fall Workshop 2018:  TBD

About Our Workshops

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance members plan and implement two annual workshops, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. The topic of each workshop falls within our core competencies.

These workshops are open to the public, for any student or nonprofit professional looking to broaden their knowledge and skills in every aspect of working in the nonprofit sector.

Past workshops have covered topics such as:

  • Foundations and Management of the Nonprofit Sector

  • Cultural Competency and Diversity

  • Future of Nonprofits

  • Fundraising

Join Us

Catch a glimpse of what we do at one of our meetings!
Meetings Dates 2018-2019: Every Monday 5:00-7:40 Allyn Hall 124

Fall Workshop 2018:TBD

Annual Community Recognition Ceremony 2019: TBD

Contact for more information.